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xml-coreutils - command line tools for XML processing


The xml-coreutils are a collection of Unix/POSIX command line tools for processing XML files.

The aim is to make XML processing for shell users exactly as easy as text processing.

For a quick overview, try these links:

Although there are many other free XML tools, the xml-coreutils try to be as close as possible to the GNU coreutils. There's an essay that explains what this all means in detail.

Now what?

This project is still at an early stage, and is not ready for production use. However, it is usable today for simple tasks, and you can try it out right now by clicking one of the download buttons on the left.

For information about DEB or RPM packages, see the contrib page.

To install from source, there are only two prerequisites (besides a C compiler and related tools). You'll need the Expat XML Parser Library, and the S-Lang terminal services library. That's it. Both of these are available as standard packages in all major Linux distributions.

Once you've downloaded a tarball, for example, xml-coreutils-0.8a.tar.gz, open your favourite terminal and type the usual incantations:

tar xfz xml-coreutils-0.8a.tar.gz
cd xml-coreutils-0.8a
./configure --prefix=/home/user/where/to/install
make check
make install

This will produce a lot of output, but hopefully won't produce any errors. You could now try the tutorial, or go straight to the mailing list.

Making your own changes

The xml-coreutils are licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 3 or later), so you can adapt the code for yourself and share the changes if you like. See the contrib section for more information on this, and where to find help.

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